Dr. K. Dayanand
Manager – CSI Institute of Technology ( CSIIT )

CSIIT School of Architecture believes that design is the touchstone to all things. Design education requires a deep and integral understanding of Art, Science & Technology. The faculty at CSIIT are committed to providing students with an experience and a framework that approximates a Renaissance education . . . while simultaneously exploring the modern conditions of our time and place to provide the intellectual ground for the artifacts i.e., writings, drawings, models, and constructions etc. that the students will be making in their coursework.

The world is on the threshold of a new era. The institution is engaged in the issues of our time and has positioned itself with a diverse faculty including: practicing architects, engineers, artists, researchers, and theoreticians. All faculty teach both in the Design Studios and in an area of specialization; they are deeply committed to the challenges of teaching 21st Century architects; issues of ecology and sustainability, and experience and concept, are all knit into the work and pedagogy of our institution.

The faculty have maintained the institution’s long tradition of engaging in the authentic nature of place, region, culture, and habitation. The College also houses extension centre that provide unique opportunities for the undergraduate students to participate in various training programmes. Above all, we understand design to be a deeply considered creative endeavor. The institution emphasizes the delight of architecture and the search for the inexpressible flash that enlivens the things we make.

Come make an appointment to visit and tour our institution. I would like to meet you and tell you more. (For any high school student considering to be an architect, please consider attending our annual Design Summer Workshop program in May/June.)


On behalf of the Faculty, Staff, and Students,
Dr. K. Dayanand
Manager – CSI Institute of Technology ( CSIIT )



Ar.Prof. S. Suman Rekha
B.Arch., M.Arch(Interior Design)
Principal, CSIIT

Education which fosters exploration & innovation with a sensitivity to the ever changing needs of the modern world. Providing a vibrant platform, where individual thought & expression is encouraged, special talents are nurtured, opportunities to excel are provided.
Integration of knowledge from all streams covered in architectural course into the core stream of design to facilitate a seamless relevance of the education offered.
In a world where technology is the driver to change in all fields, priority would be in facilitating a synergy with the industry – its practitioners & providers – so as to empower our future architects with the relevant skills, knowledge & attitude needed to make a mark.
A counter balance to be achieved by also sensitising students to the values of environment, local issues, our heritage & culture & their importance in architecture.
Institutions & research should be synonymous. It is envisioned that our institute be associated with qualitative research, much needed for the industry & its growth in a more contextual setting.

Ar. Prof. Sushmita Subudhi


     Ar. Prof. Sushmita Subudhi

       Head of the department – B.Arch

Ar. Prof. Naheema Shehnawaz


   Ar. Prof. Naheema Shehnawaz

    Head of the department – M.Arch (Interior design)

Ar. Prof. Sridhar Reddy

   Ar. Prof. Sridhar Reddy

    Head of the department – M.Arch (Construction Management)


Board of Directors:

1 Chairman Rt. Rev.Dr. K. Padma rao
2 Vice-Chairman Rev. Dr. T. Bhaskar
3 Ministerial Secretary Rev. Dr. U. Daniel
4 Treasurer Prof. Dr. B. Vimal Sukumar
5 Medical Board Convenor / Manager Dr. K. Dayanand