CSIIT alumni are leaders in academia, ministry, and entrepreneurship, shaping communities worldwide. Through mentorship and philanthropy, they ensure CSIIT’s continued excellence. Engaged in lifelong learning, they inspire future generations, celebrating achievements and fostering a thriving community. Join us in honoring their legacy and contributing to the enduring impact of CSIIT.

CSIIT Alumni

Over the past seven decades and beyond, CSIIT has been graced by the presence of numerous distinguished individuals who have left an indelible mark in the realms of art and architecture. Our esteemed alumni have brought honor to our institution through their remarkable accomplishments and invaluable contributions.

Many of these illustrious alumni make it a point to visit our campus whenever they are in Hyderabad, often taking the time to address our students and share their invaluable insights and experiences. These encounters serve as enriching experiences for both our current students and our esteemed guests.

Additionally, numerous alumni batches have reunited on our campus to commemorate significant milestones since their graduation. These gatherings serve as joyful celebrations of friendship, achievement, and the enduring bonds forged during their time at CSIIT.

As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our alumni network, CSIIT is actively reaching out to our esteemed graduates through our Alumni Portal. By fostering stronger connections with our alumni community, we aim to encourage greater participation and involvement in university events and activities.

We invite all alumni to join us in this journey of connection, collaboration, and continued excellence at CSIIT. Together, let us celebrate our shared heritage and collective achievements, while also shaping the future of our alma mater

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